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The Divine Word - Brother Mandus

I have been with you from the beginning and I never cease to bathe you in My love. I lead you, protect you and cherish you as My own.

In all My realms of material worlds and spiritual heavens I have only one you. I created you so that you may grow in love, wisdom, knowledge, and joy. I see for you adventures beyond your greatest dreams. I long for you to take all the gifts which I have prepared for you. As quickly as you learn to know Me you will realise that I can only give you everything you desire. All I have, all I am, is your own for you to accept.

I am the perfect life within you. I am health and happiness, peace and prosperity, love and laughter, wisdom and all knowledge. I am the abundant life. All of these things you already possess in my spirit.

- An Excerpt from the Divine Word, by Brother Mandus -

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